• Color Rings
    Hand made platinum and white gold rings with fine pink and blue sapphires and one checkerboard cut Tanzanite.
  • Yellow Gold Color
    Signature Glenda Queen designs in 18kt and 22kt gold featuring citrine, peridot, sapphire, and colored diamonds.
  • #Z1763 Tanzanite bead necklace and dangling cabochon tanzanite earrings
    84cts of bright bluish purple Tanzanite beads with dangling cabochon earrings, Style Z1763 and CB47B
  • Marin Blk Dia Ad
    Black and white diamonds in white gold and platinum.
  • Plt Dia Stack
    Platinum and white gold with diamonds and men’s titanium wedding bands.
  • Bands Stack
    Wedding or fashion bands in gold, platinum, titanium & even wood.
  • Red And Gold Stack
    Rich golds with garnets, spinel, and diamonds.
  • Saph Plt Dia Stacks
    lue sapphires and diamonds in platinum and white gold.
  • Vario Ad 2
    We have a huge selection of interchangeable vario clasps and necklaces.
  • Large Amethyst cabochon ring in 18kt gold with matching bead necklace.
    Large Amethyst cabochon ring in 18kt gold with matching bead necklace.
  • Pink Sapphire, Diamonds and Precious Pink Topaz
    Sparkling diamonds with pink sapphire (ring) and precious topaz (earrings)
  • Checkerboard cut Tanzanite and pave set diamonds
    Checkerboard cut Tanzanite and pave set diamonds.
  • Black and white diamonds in matte finish high karat gold.
    Black and white diamonds in matte finish high karat gold.
  • USG Marin Sept 2012
  • Fine Aquamarine with diamonds and platinum.
    Fine Aquamarine with diamonds and platinum.
  • USG Mens Collection, Platinum, rose, white and yellow gold
    From our men’s collection; platinum, rose, white and yellow gold.
  • 001-brown Dia Stack
    Brown and yellow fancy colored diamonds in our hand crafted designs.
  • 002-Aqua Paraiba Dia Stack Copy
    collection of Aquamarines with diamonds in platinum, white gold and 18kt yellow.
  • 005-P572 22kt 100ct Emerald GUR414 24kt Necklace
    A 97.81ct rough emerald slab bezel set in 22kt gold, Style P572.  Shown on 22kt gold bead necklace. Emerald cabochon earrings, Style ER141
  • 006-roseGoldCollection
    We have been working in 14kt rose gold for years and have a beautiful selection to choose from.  Shown here with diamonds, pink sapphire and tourmaline.
  • 009-brownPearlsBrownDiamonds
    Chocolate Tahitian pearls with pave set champagne diamonds, Style DSL59C.  Pave brown diamond earrings, Style DI629.  Removable brown pearl earring drops with rose gold tops shown on rose gold pave diamond hoops, Style ER59 and CHE200
  • 010-mensCollection
    From our large collection of men’s jewelry, cufflinks with black diamonds, ancient coin ring and cross and multi-color bands.
  • 011-Muli Sapph Neck And Ergs
    22kt gold necklace with multi-color sapphires, perfect as a “Mother’s Necklace” using birthstones, Style P725.  22kt gold earrings with scatter colored diamonds, Style ER86
  • 013-OrangeYellowGoldStack
    Orange sapphires, garnets, spinels and diamonds bezel set in 18 and 22kt gold.
  • 014-roseGoldStack
    14kt rose gold stacking rings with diamonds, sapphires and rubies.
  • 015-rubyCollection
    Collection of 18, 22 and 24kt gold jewelry by Glenda Queen and Gurhan.  Designs with ruby and red spinel.
  • 016-twoToneDiamondStack
    Brilliant diamonds in platinum and 18kt yellow gold.
  • 017-yellowDiamondStack
    Yellow fancy diamonds in platinum and gold.
  • 019-pinkSapphires
    Pink sapphire stacking rings in platinum and white gold.
  • 020-120
    22kt gold necklace with brown diamonds in a variety of cuts, Style P713. Brown diamond earrings in 22kt gold, Style ER89, removable from the hoops.
  • 021-platinumDiamondStack
    Our diamond engagement and wedding rings are designed to stack flush.
  • 028-black And White Dia Stack
    Sparkling black and white diamonds.
  • 029-Black Pearls A Bit Blured
    Lustrous Tahitian pearls with platinum.
  • 032-brown Dia Set
    Faceted brown diamond bead necklaces, Style Z1036 and Z1137, with 22kt gold with bezel set brown diamond earrings, Style ER47, and pendant, Style P586
  • Multi-color South Sea pearls with 14kt gold
    Multi-color South Sea pearls with 14kt gold, Style DSL18. Baroque shaped pearl earrings with gold sheppard’s hooks, Style PE842
  • 037-ER233 OGB19 Saph Brio Org Yel
    Orange and yellow sapphire briolette necklace earrings and bracelet, Style Z1191, ER223 and Z1182
  • 038-ER234 ZI181 Org Saph Brio
    22kt gold and orange sapphire necklace, Style Z1181.  Spessartite garnet earrings, Style ER234
  • 055-P586 22kt And Black Diamonds
    Black diamonds and 22kt gold. Necklace Style Z1372, Pendant Style P587, and Earrings Style ER89
  • 063-SPB10 22kt Chalcedony
    Lavender chalcedony necklace with 18kt gold, Style SPB10.  Earrings SOLD, similar available upon request.
  • 066-Z1339 22kt And Fresh Water Pearls
    23” necklace with fresh water pearls and 22kt gold beads, Style Z1547.  Removable pearl drop earring also in 22kt gold, Style ER58
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